The Athens Youth Chorus is a performance ensemble, which focuses on healthy and expressive singing habits, rehearsal and performance techniques, and music reading skills. The ensemble performs 2- and 3-part songs, partner songs, and canons at various concerts throughout the year including a children’s chorus festival. Students learn musical concepts by singing quality music appropriate to the child voice from a variety of periods and a wide range of styles and cultures.

*A note about the 2021-22 season: 

We were excited to make an effort to safely return to singing in September of 2021, after having to pause our rehearsals and concerts in March of 2020! We had planned to begin the fall semester with shorter rehearsal times, utilizing multiple rooms and masking and distancing for safety. Performances were scheduled, but subject to change in response to local situations and mandates.

Unfortunately, due to the rise in cases and questions about how the Delta variant may change the situation, we have decided to err on the side of caution and plan to delay the start to later in the year. We are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to restart in Spring semester, and will be reassessing throughout the fall. We are very sorry to make this difficult decision, but it seems like the safest choice in the current situation.

Athens Youth Chorus